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Aquarina Utilities, Inc. is a family owned and operated water and wastewater facility located in Melbourne Beach, Florida which serves under 1,500 individuals in roughly 470 customer accounts. Despite being such a small utility, we make every effort to provide the best quality water and customer service to our very diverse patrons. Please email us to let us know additional related links you would like to see on this web page.
Florida Public Service Commission
St. John's River Water Mngmt District Watering Restrictions
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Covid-19/ Coronavirus and Plant Operations
2019 Water Quality Report
Cancellation of Customer Meeting Planned for March 26th, 2020
2 March 2020: Customer Meeting for Limited Proceeding Rate Case Scheduled for 26 March 2020
Change of Payment Address of Checks and Money Orders Effective February 10th, 2020
20190080 Aquarina - CM Notice.docx Final Draft.pdf
20190080 Aquarina - Rate Case Overview.pdf
Lock Box mailing.pdf
ACH PRE Authorization letter.pdf
Aquarina Utilities Application For Service - Fillable Copy.pdf
2019 Water Quality Report for Aquarina Utilities Inc.pdf
20190080 Aquarina - CM Cancelation Notice.pdf
2019 4 August Index Tariff Sheets.pdf
Water Conservation Tips.pdf
Covid-19/ Coronavirus and Plant Operations
Aquarina Utilities wants you to feel assured that your water and sewer plant operational needs will continue to be met throughout the ongoing Covid-19/ Coronavirus situation. We encourage all customers to adhere to the state and federally recommended policy of self-isolation to protect yourselves from exposure to this exceedingly durable and contagious virus. Aquarina Utilities has two operators currently managing the plant, as well as two teams of back-up operators prepared to take their place in the event of employee illnesses. Both of the facility's owners are certified operators as well and will absolutely ensure that water and wastewater service is not interrupted due to illness of staff. As always, mechanical and equipment failures do happen and the possibility of these types of failures can never be completely eliminated. Important Notice: NO WIPES DOWN THE TOILET. Despite the recent shortage of toilet paper, the utility urgently requests that customers do NOT flush wipes of any kind (not even the "flushable" wipes) down the toilet and into the sewer system. These wipes do not degrade or disintegrate in the sewer system and accumulate as rags that bind and damage sewer pumps and cause unnecessary blockages in the system. They must be removed from pumps, pipes, and the sewer plant itself manually, causing our staff to be exposed to potential biohazards as they clear the clogs these wipes invariably cause. If customers must use these wipes, please discard them into plastic-lined trash bins and set them out with the trash. Do NOT FLUSH WIPES of any kind. Thank you!
2019 Water Quality Report
Please review the information and news available in the 2019 Water Quality Report for Aquarina Utilities, Inc.
Cancellation of Customer Meeting Planned for March 26th, 2020
In light of the voluntary isolation protocol related to the coronavirus situation, the Florida Public Service Commission has cancelled the customer meeting for the ongoing limited proceeding rate case for Aquarina Utilities. The FPSC notices for this cancellation are attached above as" 20190080 Aquarina - CM Cancellation Notice.pdf and 20190080 Aquarina - Rate Case Overview (2).pdf. This second document includes a customer comment form that can be filled out and returned to the PSC. A copy of this notice will be sent to all current mailing addresses and by email to international customers. Please let us know if you have any questions about the cancellation.
2 March 2020: Customer Meeting for Limited Proceeding Rate Case Scheduled for 26 March 2020
The Florida Public Service Commission will be conducting a customer meeting regarding the limited proceeding rate case in progress to redistribute the revenue lost when the golf course withdrew as a customer in July of 2019. Please see the attached notice. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 26th, 2020 at 6:00pm. in the Aquarina Community Center Conference Room. 450 Aquarina Blvd. Melbourne Beach, FL 32951
Change of Payment Address of Checks and Money Orders Effective February 10th, 2020
Attention Customers our payment address has changed! Effective February 10th, 2020 Check and money order payments should be directed to: Aquarina Utilities, Inc. P.O. Box 628733 Orlando, FL 32862-8733 See the attached notice titled "LOCK BOX MAILING" above!!
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