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Aquarina Utilities, Inc. is a family owned and operated water and wastewater facility located in Melbourne Beach, Florida which serves under 1,500 individuals in roughly 470 customer accounts. Despite being such a small utility, we make every effort to provide the best quality water and customer service to our very diverse patrons. Please email us to let us know additional related links you would like to see on this web page.
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Wednesday, 10 February 2021 Cloudy Water
2021 Feb 01 AQUARINA UTILITIES - Wastewater Tariff.pdf
2021 Feb 01 AQUARINA UTILITIES - Water Tariff.pdf
Lock Box mailing.pdf
ACH PRE Authorization letter.pdf
Aquarina Utilities Application For Service - Fillable Copy.pdf
2019 Water Quality Report for Aquarina Utilities Inc.pdf
Water Conservation Tips.pdf
Wednesday, 10 February 2021 Cloudy Water
We apologize for the inconvenience! Some of you have experienced some murky water as a result of an air pressure incident in our hydropneumatic tank. Some air was pushed out into the distribution system, disrupting sediments that have accumulated in the water lines over time, resulting in murky, brownish water and sputtering faucets. The cause of the situation was corrected Wednesday afternoon and evening by maintenance, who stayed on site until 10PM to bleed air lines and flush pipes; however, some residual air may still remain in service lines and faucets. This air will clear with usage and your normal water quality will be restored. The water is still safe to drink or use for cooking, as it is still chlorinated. It just has some extra minerals present until the air clears. Again, we apologize for the unattractive look to the water and any inconvenience. Let us know if you still have issues in a couple of days.
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